Whatever the scope of your event - the courteous and enthusiastic service of our staff will add the touch that makes all the difference. We create experiences with style and sophistication that speak to a vast audience to include consumers and the media.

Each event is also created to provide a unique and memorable experience for the targeted audience and participating brands.

Place your trust in our team of planning professionals who believe that your guests should be welcomed like members of their very own families.

Whether we plan the entire event from start to finish or just give you a helping hand along the way, we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

We work with brands, creators, artists, and influencers to create authentic connections and build memorable experiences with consumers and fans.

Whether you have an event looking for the right sponsorship or an organization looking to be matched with the right event to sponsor, we have the experience and commitment to make it happen for you.

Our event service include Charity events, Celebrity events, Theme events and exclusive locations. You can also contact us for Fixed-Time/Fixed-Price models and other features: events@mgeny.com

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