Artists and Friends, Inc. is an international professional service firm providing business consulting services and extensive support services in all areas of marketing and communication management.

We have a network of partners, creatives and mavens all over the world. Our work is characterized by great openness, intensive cooperation, trust, understanding and mutual respect.

Consulting and extensive development support for media personalities, athletes, designers, talents and artists.

Our services include:
Market sensing. Customer relationship management. Business model design. Change and interim management. Product and service development. Corporate, product and market strategies. Development of brands. Rebranding. Sponsoring. Sales promotion. Public relations. Creative & Production.
Analyses. Coachings. Reports. Remote work. Special projects. 

To ensure and fully unfold common intensive and creative work with our customers and partners, we have no specialized strategies and no prefabricated concepts and considerations control our work, but spontaneity and a high degree of subjectivity.

If you have any questions regarding our services or require further information then please feel free to contact us by email at

Our services and solutions are based on current scientific knowledge.

We offer flexible, customer-specific and performance-related fee models and free advice.

Artists and Friends sets greatest store by discretion and privacy. Customers and clients can expect discreet, one-to-one service that meets their privacy needs.

We are also active in the event sector. Regarding our customers, partners and sponsors one of our main objectives is to implement possible company or product development goals like increasing brand awareness, sympathy and advertising effect or others like business relationship or customer dialogue.

The enterprise was established as a licensed agency by the visionary entrepreneur Thomas "Tom" Lau in 1994 and developed quickly. He is a marketing communications economist, business administration graduate and certified trainer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management. His organizational skills and determination make him stand apart from others. Meet the CEO:

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